David Weinkauf, CEO Next Level Health Sciences Inc.

Next Level Health Sciences Inc. is a brand-building, food science company focused on the experiential modulation of adult-use intoxicants.  Our products do not contain intoxicating substances.  They radically affect the experience of consuming intoxicating substances making them more predictable, safer, healthier, and more enjoyable.  Our ingredients are unregulated, over-the-counter natural compounds that, in general, can be sold globally.   

We are openminded in our central ethos and believe it is in the general interest of individuals and society overall that people have freedom to explore the relationships between themselves and psychoactive compounds.  We have dedicated ourselves to enhancing the benefits found therein.

So far, we have developed formulas that alter the experience of consuming alcohol, cannabis, and psilocybin.  Our formulas either improve control over the timing, nature and intensity of the experiences or they reduce the collateral physiological and neurological damage. 

All of Next Level Health Sciences™ commercialization efforts are focused on the launch of HangOVR 180™.  That is where we can make the most immediate impact socially and financially.  We have the opportunity, strategy and intention to be the first well-known brand in hangover prevention and alcohol resilience.

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