About IIF

About the ‘International Investment Forum’ – (‘IIF’)

The ‘International Investment Forum’ – (‘IIF’) is an online event and provides information on investment trends and ideas covering all aspects of various industries. Top executives from selected companies give insight into their business models and provide first-hand information to investors in 30 minutes spread over a full day. Via Zoom conference, investors from around the world join the English-language event. Participants ask questions via chat and receive live answers. The event is organized from Germany as a cooperation project between Apaton Finance GmbH and GBC AG.

About Apaton Finance GmbH (Co-Organizer)

Apaton focuses primarily on growth companies and helps build investor relationships. Partners are located all over the world. When a company is in transition and enters a new market or growth phase, Apaton becomes active. Apaton’s experts create investable visibility in new regions and markets.

press contact:
Mr. Mario Hose
phone +49 511 67 68 731
email press@apaton.com

About GBC AG (Co-Organizer)

GBC AG has been organizing capital market conferences since 2001. Around two thirds of all German issuers from the small & mid cap sector have already used the GBC conferences in the 20 years of conference history to address the capital market directly. In general, the GBC conference series is primarily aimed at asset managers, fund managers, family offices, analysts and financial journalists.

press contact:
Mrs. Marita Conzelmann
phone +49 821 241133-49
email konferenz@gbc-ag.de

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