Timetable 1. Hydrogen Day

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The IIF online ‘Special Day’: Growth markets are particularly exciting and generate a great interest at the same time as they need effective information platforms. Today’s networked world enables us to provide a central meeting place for market participants. We can do this worldwide without the need for travel and with minimal environmental impact, based on our extensive and experienced network and high level of expertise.

June 15, 2023, starting 01.25 pm CEST

Companies: 6
Location: Zoom Event-Platform
Language Spoken: English
Questions: During Session via Chat / Q&A-Tool
Registration: Already open

* CEST = Frankfurt, Paris | EST = New York, Toronto | HKT = HongKong, Perth, Singapore  

Company Start Time Speaker Meeting-Link
Opening Session 07.25 am EST*
01.25 pm CEST*
07.25 pm HKT*
Moderation Join Zoom via Browser/App
Landi Renzo S.p.A. 07.30 am EST*
01.30 pm CEST*
07.30 pm HKT*
Cristiano Musi, CEO Join Zoom via Browser/App
First Hydrogen Corp. 08.00 am EST*
02.00 pm CEST*
08.00 pm HKT*
Robert Campbell, CEO Energy Devision Join Zoom via Browser/App
Enapter 08.30 am EST*
02.30 pm CEST*
08.30 pm HKT*
Tim Cholibois, Strategy Manager  Join Zoom via Browser/App
Cipher Neutron Inc. 09.00 am EST*
03.00 pm CEST*
09.00 pm HKT*
Gurjant Randhawa, President and CEO Join Zoom via Browser/App
JA-Gastechnology GmbH 09.30 am EST*
03.30 pm CEST*
09.30 pm HKT*
Jens Asmuth, Managing Director Join Zoom via Browser/App
dynaCERT Inc. 10.00 am EST*
04.00 pm CEST*
10.00 pm HKT*
Jim Payne, CEO Join Zoom via Browser/App



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