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Aspermont has a consolidated position as the leading media services provider to the global resource sectors. Aspermont brands such as Mining Journal and Mining Magazine have served the mining industry with high value content for 185 years and 110 years respectively building loyal and premium quality audiences.

Early in the internet age, Aspermont became a digital pioneer and successfully established one of the first media paywalls in 2002 and then developed semantic search architecture in 2008.

Over the past 20 years, Aspermont has achieved significant competitive advantage as a global rather than regional media services provider, prompting the exit of regional competitors on several continents.

Aspermont has entered a major growth phase in B2B media, driven by technological innovation able to expand the product range geographically and by sector to serve a global audience growing at 30% each year.

Today Aspermont is clearly the leading media services provider to the global mining and energy sectors with a growing presence in agriculture.

Aspermont’s media credentials have been established over two centuries of continuous service to the mining sectors and are unchallenged today. As Mining Journal has been published in London for 185 years and Mining Magazine for 106 years, Aspermont owns the longest established global brands in the mining and energy sectors.

In Australia, Aspermont has been at the forefront of B2B media developments across a number of sectors and with Australia’s Mining Monthly and being outright leaders in mining.

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Speaker at IIF is Alex Kent, CEO Aspermont Ltd.

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