Ales Starek, CFO FACC AG

Ales Starek, CFO

WKN: A1147K | ISIN: AT00000FACC2 | VIE: FACC

FACC is a global aerospace leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced components and systems for aircraft. As a technology partner to all major manufacturers, FACC works together with its customers to develop solutions for the mobility of the future. Today, the company is present on almost all major platforms and in a wide variety of aircraft areas – from the wing tip, to the elevator and engine cowlings, as well as baggage compartments. Under the influence of COVID-19, demand for new aircraft and thus for aircraft parts has declined significantly. Nevertheless, FACC expects a stable upward trend in the aircraft market in the medium and long term. In addition, the company sees further potential in attractive new business fields such as urban air mobility and space travel. Drone technologies will open up the airspace directly above the ground for broad mobility applications. At the same time, they are witnessing the merging of aviation and space through the privatization of aerospace. In all cases, their lightweight expertise is in high demand and the company plans to expand it´s core business to include the “drone technology” and “space” markets.

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