Christiane Köhler, CFO Deutsche Eigenheim Union AG

Christiane Köhler, CFO

Deutsche Eigenheim Union AG

Eigenheim Union 1898 Beteiligungs AG focuses on the construction of affordable housing in the Berlin-Brandenburg conurbation. It builds single-family and terraced houses on its own land as well as houses on third-party land. The focus is clearly on the low-cost construction of owner-occupied homes, which on the one hand reaches a wider circle of buyers and on the other hand provides better access to building plots. Customers of Eigenheim Union AG can choose from a defined number of standardized planned and built houses and benefit from very favorable prices, which on average are below 300,000 €/house. An important asset of the properties built by the company is, in addition to the economic aspect, the focus on ecological sustainability. Efficient insulation materials and regenerative heating systems are used as standard, which also helps to keep operating costs low.

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