Dr. Moutih Rafei, CSO, Director Defence Therapeutics Inc.

Dr. Moutih Rafei, CSO, Director

WKN: A3CN14 | ISIN: CA24463V1013 | FSE: DTC 

Defence Therapeutics are Canadian scientific pioneers on a journey to uncover enhanced treatment solutions for future generations through biopharmaceutical innovations. Leading the way with targeted science, strategic products and bold curiosity, we are uncovering micro and macro level methods, bringing catalytic change to future patients.

With the patented Accum™ technology, Defence Therapeutics offers a platform for so-called antibody-drug conjugates (ADC). In this process, a specific active ingredient is linked to an antibody by means of a peptide linker and thus reaches precisely where it is supposed to act. For example, into a tumor cell. Defence Therapeutics has data showing that Accum™ can significantly increase the efficacy of certain forms of therapy in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors. Immune checkpoint inhibitors are targeted in oncology to block anti-inflammatory immune checkpoints to provide benefits during therapy.

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