Gurjant Randhawa, CEO & President Cipher Neutron Inc.

Gurjant Randhawa, CEO & President

Cipher Neutron Inc.

Cipher Neutron is an innovative cleantech company based in Toronto, Canada. Cipher Neutron manufactures AEM electrolysers to produce Green Hydrogen from water. As a leading provider of innovative Green Hydrogen solutions, Cipher Neutron’s AEM electrolysers do not incorporate any PGMs (Platinum Group Metals) or PFAS based toxic chemicals. This makes Cipher Neutron’s electrolysers, one of the most affordable and sustainable solutions currently available in the market to produce high volume and high-pressure green hydrogen. Cipher Neutron’s electrolysers offer lower CAPEX, lower OPEX, and longer lifetime than the traditional electrolysers available in the market. 

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Speaker Details
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