Orlando Taddeo, CEO Mexedia S.p.A

Orlando Taddeo, CEO

Mexedia S.p.A
WKN: A3C33K | ISIN: IT0005450819 | ALMEX: FP

Mexedia is a technology company in the areas customer-management and telecom. Initially focused on international sales of electronic service termination activities (voice and SMS), Mexedia has now evolved into a tech company with a strategic vision to offer advanced technological services and a complete customer experience to its clients. To achieve this objective, Mexedia has developed a Customer eXperience Platform as a Service (CXPaaS) that provides cloud-based services and APIs to companies. The organization is structured vertically and offers a wide range of innovative technologies and tools that are integrated into a technological ecosystem, facilitating all consumer-oriented communications. Mexedia’s business model is based on two highly synergistic and complementary business units: namely, the provision of voice and SMS termination services using advanced and innovative technological tools in a consolidated market, and the delivery of new-generation, multi-channel technological services. The integration of these two units creates a powerful cross-selling potential among the services offered.

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