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May 19, 2022, starting 10.00 CEST

Companies: 15
Location: Zoom Event-Platform
Language Spoken: English
Questions: During Session via Chat / Q&A-Tool
Registration: Already Open
* CEST = Frankfurt, Paris | EST = New York, Toronto | HKT = HongKong, Perth, Singapore

CompanyStart TimeSpeakerMeeting-Link
Opening Session03.55 am EST*
09.55 am CEST*
03.55 pm HKT*
ModerationJoin Zoom via Browser/App
Aspermont Ltd.04.00 am EST*
10.00 am CEST*
04.00 pm HKT*
Alex Kent,
Join Zoom via Browser/App
Hong Lai Huat Group Ltd.04.40 am EST*
10.40 am CEST*
04.40 pm HKT*
Dylan Ong,
Group General
Executive Director
Join Zoom via Browser/App
EPTI AB05.20 am EST*
11.20 am CEST*
05.20 pm HKT*
Arli Mujkic, CEOJoin Zoom via Browser/App
Altech Advanced
Materials AG
06.00 am EST*
12.00 pm CEST*
06.00 pm HKT*
Uwe Ahrens,
Mgmt. Board
 Join Zoom via Browser/App
First Hydrogen Corp.06.40 am EST*
12.40 pm CEST*
06.40 pm HKT*
Nicholas Wrigley,
First Hydrogen UK
Join Zoom via Browser/App
NervGen Pharma Corp.07.20 am EST*
01:20 pm CEST*
07.20 pm HKT*
Paul Brennan, CEOJoin Zoom via Browser/App
Almonty Industries Inc.08.00 am EST*
02.00 pm CEST*
08.00 pm HKT*
Lewis Black,
Director, President
and CEO
Join Zoom via Browser/App
Cardiol Therapeutics Inc.08.40 am EST*
02.40 pm CEST*
08.40 pm HKT*
David Elsley,
 Join Zoom via Browser/App
Defense Metals Inc.09.20 am EST*
03.20 pm CEST*
09.20 pm HKT*
Craig Taylor,
Join Zoom via Browser/App
dynaCERT Inc.10.00 am EST*
04.00 pm CEST*
10.00 pm HKT*
Jim Payne, CEOJoin Zoom via Browser/App
Power Nickel Inc.10.40 am EST*
04.40 pm CEST*
10.40 pm HKT*
Terry Lynch, CEOJoin Zoom via Browser/App
Defence Therapeutics Inc.11.20 am EST*
05.20 pm CEST*
11.20 pm HKT*
Dr. Moutih Rafei,
Lead Scientist,
VP R&D, Director
Join Zoom via Browser/App
Desert Gold Ventures Inc. 12.00 pm EST*
06.00 pm CEST*
12.00 am HKT*
Jared Scharf, CEOJoin Zoom via Browser/App
Meta Materials Inc.12.40 pm EST*
06.40 pm CEST*
12.40 am HKT*
George Palikaras –
Join Zoom via Browser/App
Saturn Oil & Gas Inc.01.20 pm EST*
07.20 pm CEST*
01.20 am HKT*
John Jeffrey –
Join Zoom via Browser/App